Puppy Foundation Course  
Those of you who have owned your dog from a puppy will be aware of how important it is to start educating your dog from a young age. Before your puppy settles in to a new environment and starts setting the ground rules, it is vital to provide him or her with an interesting and educational learning programme. This can set the foundations for the future and help you live a happy life with your new family member.  
How will courses be conducted?  
The Puppy Foundation Assessment will be based on the puppy and its owner's attendance at training classes. It is not an award that is conducted on a one-test basis. The thinking behind the Puppy Foundation Assessment course is that puppies learn on a gradual basis, over a period of time. This way a puppy will have time to settle into a new class and gradually build up solid foundations for the future. Upon enrolment onto a course your puppy will receive an introduction